MCT - Mobile Cardiac Reporting


  • Remote Monitoring
  • Clinical Environments
  • Health and Wellness


The wearable patch is Class IIa medical devices and have received FDA clearance for sale in the US and regulatory approval (CE Mark) for distribution in the EU.



Mobile Hardware Requirements:

  • Android 5.0.1 upwards
  • Bluetooth 4.0



  • Leading US hospitals
  • NHS UK
  • Global Pharma companies
  • US Government Departments
  • Humanitarian Agencies
  • Clinical study organisations

Cutting edge medically approved wearable technology

The future of ECG remote monitoring is here today

Innovation:  Our cutting edge wearable biosensor patch is self-adhesive sticking to the chest and provides high quality measurements of several physiological vital signs but for the MCT solution it focuses on providing near flawless and wireless ECG signal continuously for 5 days. This signal is delivered in real-time to our servers where dedicated and highly trained analysts review the data.

The small, discrete patch eliminates the need for chest straps, wrist bands, wires and recorders to be worn by the patient. It is easy to use and comfortable at home or on the go.

The Future is here today: No other device and solution can match our patch for real-time continuous ECG monitoring and accurate reporting.  Similar devices are much bulkier and offer only retrospective ECG analysis after the device is mailed back to provider and the data is downloaded. This typically can take up to 30 days.  With MCT (mobile cardiac telemetry), cardiac events can be reported and acted in real time.

You can order a 24 – 120 hour MCT study kit for your patients. Our package is supported by dedicated analysts who monitor each and every beat of the patients ECG. To assist our highly trained analysts, CorVitals has integrated highly sensitive (FDA approved) ECG analysis software which alerts our analysts to a significant pre-established change in rate, rhythm, ectopic or pause. They will then immediately alert the physician who prescribed the test

On completion of the MCT study, the prescribing physician is provided with full detailed ECG analysis report.

View Sample 24hr Report

View Sample 26 Day Report