MBS HealthWatch

MBS HealthWatch is a certified Class IIa medical device for regular measurement of vital parameters. It can be used in medical facilities/care homes to increase the efficiency of their operation as well as in the community by anybody wishing to look after those at risk/loved ones.
The wristband measures pulse, skin temperature, steps and barometric pressure. It is equipped with 2 way communication, SOS button, GPS, fall detector, device removal sensor and a function to remind the user to take their medicines.
Measurement results are regularly sent to a specially developed tablet and mobile phone app, as well as to a 24/7 online platform, which enable the carer or physician to access the information on the vital parameters of their patient or relative at any time.
Each wristband comes with a built-in nano 3G/4G SIM card to allow data transmission. Alerts such as fall detection, wristband off, SOS are automatically sent by SMS text to designated mobile devices and appear as an alert on the online dashboard.