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MediBioSense are at the global forefront of medical wearable technologies. We are revolutionising the future of healthcare. Providing wearable (medically approved) technology and integrated healthcare solutions we are changing the way health is measured and tracked and transforming the landscape of medical treatment.

Our wearable devices allow for real-time monitoring of the following clinical physiological data: Heart Rate, ECG, Respiration Rate, Temperature, Blood Oxygen (Sp02), Posture and Activity Levels.



The VitalPatch continuously monitors eight vital signs in real-time. Never before has a small elegant device provided so much valuable information to healthcare professionals

The VitalPatch has FDA/CE (Class IIa) certification for medical use.

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MBS HealthStream

MBS HealthStream revolutionises the way health and wellness is measured and tracked at a clinical grade level.

Our wearable technology is FDA/CE medically approved providing real-time vital signs for ECG, heart rate, respiration rate, steps, temp, posture and fall detection.

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MBS HealthWatch

MBS HealthWatch is a global health tracking device. Functionality includes GPS tracking , two-way voice calls to family and health control centres, fall detection, SOS button and heart rate monitoring. Its magnetic charging and in built sim card communication allows for ease of use and real-time reporting and alerts.

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MediBioSense MCT (Mobile Cardiac Telemetry) solution and service replaces the holter with an unobtrusive wearable patch (FDA approved). No more waiting weeks for ECG results, cardiac events are monitored/responded in real-time 24/7 by our highly trained analysts and full medical analytics are provided to the prescribing physician immediately at the end of the patient monitoring period.

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