Breakthrough Wearable Health Technology

VitalPatch is a health-monitoring device in the growing field of Tele-Health. Never before has such a small, elegant device provided so much valuable information for physicians and nurses. This state-of-the-art biosensor monitors eight physiological measurements continuously, in real-time. Clinical grade accuracy without the hassle of traditional monitoring equipment - the best things really do come in small packages.

VitalPatch has received both FDA and CEĀ  medical approval for use (Class IIa).

What are the features of VitalPatch?

VitalPatch monitors a multitude of features including:

  • Single-Lead ECG
  • Heart Rate
  • RR Interval
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Body & Skin Temperature
  • Body Posture
  • Fall Detection
  • Activity including Steps
  • Blood Pressure (3rd party device)
  • Oxygen Saturation (3rd party device)
  • What are VitalPatch's specifications?

    The Sensor:

  • ECG electrodes
  • 3-axis MEMS accelerometer
  • Thermistor to detect temperature
  • The Size:

  • 11 g Adhesive Patch with Sensor
  • 115 x 36 x 8 mm
  • The Battery:

  • Battery life - 7 days (168 hours)