Inspire Ring

The Smart Choice For Your Budget And Your Health

Inspire Ring is a state-of-the-art tech wearable with the most classical design in the industry, keeping you in style and helping you stay smart and healthy
Sleep Monitoring
Inspire Ring is integrated with laboratory grade sensors for the highest possible precision of measurements, such as rem sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, and how many times you wake up during the night and will provide personal insights such as your general condition
Analyse Your Readiness
By analyzing the most important factors such as HRV, body temperature, SpO2 and heart rate, the Inspire Ring will calculate a score to help you understand the state of your body and how ready it is for work and exercise
Unlike the competition, Inspire Ring's companion app (available via both Google Play and the App Store) requires no subscription. It has a battery capacity of 5-6 days, is fully charged within 20-80 minutes and is water resistant up to a depth of 50m (over 164 ft).

No Subscription Be in control of your health


Get a Glimpse of your bio-signals on the go

Stay connected on important insights and notifications, all through the inspire ring app

Experience sleep tracking like never before

Monitor and analyse your sleep cycle seamlessly, taking your sleep insights to new heights

Reap the awards of improving your readiness score

Unlock profound insights into how your body is feeling, providing you with a full understanding of your wellbeing

Track your sleep

Get access into in-depth information on how well you rested last night